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Art Over Dinner

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Serenbe wanted to create a new dinner series for members of their community, and drawing others from around the metro Atlanta area to their community, to introduce and champion new artists and artist collectives, giving the artists a platform to discuss their work and the art scene of the city over a shared meal with others: Art Over Dinner.


Art Director, Designer: Russell Shaw

Marketing Director: Monica Olsen

Serenbe Brand Manager: Quinn Nygren

Photographer: Jessica Ashley (J Ashley Photography) for Serenbe.


The mark was a very natural thought progression. Visual metaphors for the word "art" and "dinner" are clear as a brush and a fork, respectively, and placing one above the other carries an obviousness with it that helps the viewer read the symbols literally as "art over dinner." The zig-zagging horizontal ruler in the center of the mark was chosen as the visual metaphor for the word "Over" in the brand name, so that we also had a simple graphic element to carry forward in the overall art direction.


Photo by Jessica Ashley.


Photo by Jessica Ashley


The event was a hit. Artists of all backgrounds and media were eager to be a part of the series, and each dinner conversation was well attended. The event even expanded and added an extension to the series, Art Hour, in which artist conversations could happen on a simpler and more frequent basis (over cocktails, wine, and beer) as a supplement to the main dinner series. The event will continue for new seasons.

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