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Film Box Promotional Package

Film Box Promotional Experience Kit

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About Film Box: Film Box is a photography lab in Nashville by photographers, for photographers. "As photographers in search of beautiful images and a simple workflow return to this classic medium," writes Film Box, "we have – and are currently – witnessing a renaissance of film. This return to film photography is happening at a time when there are fewer labs offering film development & scanning services. We are simply trying to do our part."

About the Project: Film Box requested a unique direct mail campaign that would celebrate the human, tangible process of film photography. A highly tactile package was designed to ship to photographers around the nation containing: a personal letter from the lab's founders; a mini newspaper celebrating film photography and containing information about the lab; and gifts for the recipients in the form of coupons for orders, film canister bags, a custom field notebook, and a screen-printed poster.

Client: Film Box (Founders: Ryan Bernal and Austin Gros)

Art Direction, Design, Illustration: Russell Shaw

Film Box logo design and letterhead design by Jeremy Stuart Barnes: (See his original branding project here)

Film Box 2014 Lab Lookbook Photography by the Film Box team unless credited otherwise.

All camera illustrations by Russell Shaw.

Special Thanks for production and fulfillment: Laura Hickey and the team at Dufeck, Aras Naujokas and the team at Bennett, Steven Fessey and the team at Mama's Sauce, Lindsay Arth and the team at Scout Books.


Box and Packaging

Laser-Engraved Wooden Slide-Top Box
Print Materials Designed to Match and Fit
Excelsior Shredded Wood Packing


Film Box 2014 Lab Lookbook

Mini Newspaper
Celebrating the art and craft of film photography and the community of professional photographers, as well as containing information about the Film Box team and lab.


Contributing Photographers, Right-Hand Page (from Left to Right in the Grid):

  1. Cassidy Carson

  2. Jodi Miller

  3. Elisa Bricker
  4. Michael Howard
  5. Laura Partain
  6. Kristin Sweeting
  7. Marta Locklear
  8. Juan Solorzano
  9. Austin Gros
  10. Annie Parish
  11. Alyssa Valleta
  12. Joshua Gull
  13. Andrew White
  14. Bradley Spitzer
  15. Heather Jowett
  16. Nathan Westerfield
  17. Jamie Clayton
  18. Ryan Bernal
  19. Brett Price
  20. Marcie Meredith

Field Notebook

Coupon Cards

Screen-Printed Poster

Film Canister Bags

1 3"x5" Cotton Drawstring Pouch, and
2 5"x7" Cotton Drawstring Pouches

Illustration Assets

Mono-Width Line Art Camera Illustrations



2015 Regional Design Awards, Print Magazine, featured in The Southeast.

2015 HOW Design Promotion and Marketing Awards, Merit Winner.

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The Dieline

Case Study: Film Box (Scout Books)


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