Design + Illustration


Oakblue Kitchen

Defining the identity of a barbecue brand rooted both in the South and its Korean culinary heritage.

Services: Branding, Messaging, Web

Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome

The YouTube sensation brings his message of hope, and how kids can change the world, in his New York Times Best-Selling book.

Services: Illustration, Design, Papercraft, Hand-Lettering, Art Direction


Dixon Rye

A sophisticated retail brand in Atlanta providing an intentional assortment of heritage-quality home goods – a place to buy better, fewer things.

Services: Branding, Messaging, Packaging, Web

Neenah Presents Atlanta

An illustrated history of the Empire State of the South.

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Design


Film Box

Providing an exceptional experience for a highly-tactile brand.

Services: Packaging, Editorial, Art Direction, Illustration


An ever-growing collection.

Services: Branding, Logo Design


The Common Cure

Building a new neighborhood joint in a storied space with a history as the town's favorite pharmacy and soda fountain.

Services: Branding, Messaging, Illustration

Olivette Farm

A farm built around a community creates a unique message of valuing good food and good people.

Services: Branding, Messaging, Illustration


Neenah Presents Minneapolis

An illustrated guide to the land of ten thousand lakes.

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Design

Neenah Presents Chicago

An illustrated guide to the Windy City.

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Design


AIGA Atlanta 2017 Poster Show: Art Director's Cut

Promotional artwork and call for submissions to the local AIGA chapter's fundraising showcase of movie-inspired poster designs.

Services: Art Direction, Photography, Papercraft

 Village Voice New York City NYC neighborhood borough map editorial illustration and design and hand lettering

Village Voice New York City NYC neighborhood borough map editorial illustration and design and hand lettering

The Village Voice Neighborhood Maps

VV's illustrated guide to neighborhoods around New York City's five boroughs.

Services: Editorial Illustration, Hand-Lettering


New Orleans with Neenah

An illustrated neighborhood guide of the Big Easy.

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Design

Serenbe Foods

Serenbe Foods believes in friends, family, farmers, and good food created by good people with pure ingredients and intentions.

Services: Consumer Packaging, Art Direction, Illustration, Design


Path by Plywood

Path by Plywood is a 6-week, community-driven learning experience designed to help creatives, entrepreneurs, and activists find purpose-driven work.

Services: Branding, Messaging, Web

Catalyst "Uncommon Fellowship"

The 2016 conference theme shifts focus to a fellowship most uncommon: the story of a family filled with differing backgrounds, discovering its unity through its pursuit of a common purpose.

Services: Branding, Messaging, Art Direction, Marketing, Packaging


Original Illustrations for Bearings

Hand-drawn infographics that enrich the Southern lifestyle.

Services: Illustration, Design, Print and Product Design

Catalyst “Awaken the Wonder”

In 2015, the conference focused on a core attribute of what makes a Catalyst leader: creativity.

Services: Branding, Art Direction, Marketing, Packaging


Square, Plumb & Level

A new line of high-quality, vineyard designate wine focused on connecting wine drinkers with experimental and discerning palates closer to the grower – celebrating craft and quality in wines made well.

Services: Branding, Messaging, Consumer Packaging

Neenah Future Classics – Atlanta

An illustrated food guide and neighborhood tour for a week in the Big Peach.

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering


Bearings Blue Ridge Mountains Posters

A screen-printed poster illustrated to capture the rolling, gentle waves of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Services: Illustration, Print Design

Bearings Outer Banks Posters

Three custom prints celebrating the essence of the North Carolina barrier islands: the tallest dunes and some of the best surfing on the East Coast.

Services: Illustration, Print Design


Art Over Dinner

A dinner series at Serenbe that champions new artists and artist collectives, giving them a platform to discuss their work and the art scene of the city over a shared meal with others.

Services: Branding, Logo Design, Art Direction

Citizen Supply

A marketplace in Ponce City Market that showcases local Atlanta artisans and makers.

Services: Visual Identity, Logo Design, Signage


Catalyst “Change”

In 2014, Catalyst sought to press reset as a brand – while also asking conference goers to discuss how they accept and deal with change.

Services: Marketing, Design, Packaging

ATL Collective's "ITP" Shirt

ATL Collective's shirt design that celebrates the fiercely-protected designation of being "inside the perimeter."

Services: Illustration, Apparel Design


The Illumination Project

A series designed as an experience for six participants to view the content and then together discuss what healthy relationships look like for modern, young adults.

Services: Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Art Direction

Lamon Luther

Preserving the legacy of the rugged gentleman, forging a brand that builds hope for the craftsman.

Services: Branding, Logo Design, Photography, Messaging


Duke Ellington’s Jeep’s Blues

A poster design for AIGA Atlanta's 2016 Poster Show + Mixtape Collaboration fundraiser, celebrating one of Duke's greatest hits.

Services: Poster Design

Brilliant! Children’s Book

A whimsical adventure that inspires parents, with a focus on adoptive and foster families.

Services: Illustration, Character Design, Book Design


Create Arts Curriculum

An arts curriculum for future leaders.

Services: Art Direction, Illustration, Book Design, Videography, Photography, Web

Idyl Collaboration

A collaboration with DRG Recordings on an original letterpress prints and music videos commemorating this debut album's pressing to vinyl.

Services: Illustration, Print Design, Music Video Direction