Design + Illustration


Oakblue Kitchen

Branding, Naming, Visual Brand Identity, Core Messaging, Logo Design, Typeface Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Environmental and Signage Design, Print Collateral Design, Web Design

Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome

Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration, Papercraft, Lettering, Print, Product Design


Dixon Rye

Branding, Logo Design, Typography Design, Packaging, Signage + Environmental, Collateral, SquareSpace Website Design + Build, Email Newsletter Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Pattern Design, Copywriting

Neenah Presents Atlanta

An illustrated history of the Empire State of the South.


Film Box

Packaging Design, Print Design, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Copywriting, Production


An ever-growing collection.


The Common Cure

Branding, Naming, Visual Brand Identity, Core Messaging, Logo Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Environmental and Signage Design, Print Collateral Design

Olivette Farm

Visual Brand Identity, Messaging, Logo Design, Illustration, Graphic Design


Neenah Presents Chicago

An illustrated guide to the Windy City.

The Village Voice Neighborhood Maps

VV's illustrated guide to neighborhoods around New York City's five boroughs.


AIGA Atlanta 2017 Poster Show: Art Director's Cut

Promotional artwork and call for submissions to the local chapter's fundraising showcase of movie-inspired poster designs

New Orleans with Neenah

An illustrated neighborhood guide of the Big Easy.


Serenbe Foods

Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Product Design

Path by Plywood

Branding, Visual Identity, Naming and Messaging, Art Direction, Brand Style Guide, Animation + Motion Graphics, Print Design, SquareSpace Website Design + Build


Catalyst "Uncommon Fellowship"

Branding, Visual Brand Identity, Core Messaging, Naming Development, Logo Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Marketing and Promotions Design, Event Collateral Design

Original Illustrations for Bearings

Illustration, Graphic Design, Print and Product Design


Catalyst “Awaken the Wonder”

Branding, Art Direction, Promotions, Print Design, Packaging

Square, Plumb & Level

Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Packaging


Neenah Future Classics – Atlanta

An illustrated food guide and neighborhood tour for a week in the Big Peach.

Bearings Blue Ridge Mountains Posters

Illustration, Print Design


Bearings Outer Banks Posters

Illustration, Print Design

Art Over Dinner

Branding, Logo Design, and Print + Promotion Design


Citizen Supply

Visual Identity Design, Logo Design, Environmental, and Packaging

Catalyst “Change”

Promotions and Marketing Design, Print Design, Packaging


ATL Collective's "ITP" Shirt

Illustration, Apparel Design

The Illumination Project

Branding, Packaging Design, Print Design, Illustration, Hand-Lettering


Lamon Luther

Branding, Graphic Design, Photography, Copywriting

Duke Ellington’s Jeep’s Blues

Graphic Design, Print Design


Brilliant! Children’s Book

Illustration, Character Design, Print Design

Create Arts Curriculum

Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Print and Product Design, Video Production, Web Design

Idyl Collaboration

Illustration, Print Design, Music Video Direction


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