Bearings Blue Ridge Mountains Prints

Services: Illustration, Print Design

Illustrated poster and art print of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Features tree silhouettes in the foreground and rolling blue and gray mountains and hills into the horizon. Created by graphic artist and designer Russell Shaw for Bearings Guide.

Illustrated, Screen-Printed Posters Celebrating the Blue Ridge Mountains.

About the Print: This screen-printed poster is the second in Bearings' ongoing series of artwork celebrating destinations that are a little off-the-beaten-path (a follow-up to the Outer Banks poster). Bearings commissioned an illustration that would capture the rolling, gentle waves of the Blue Ridge Mountains – a part of the Appalachian Mountain range, starting in northern Georgia and spreading up the eastern coastline.

About the Design: The illustration is a 3/0 screen print. A half-toning effect was used to create detail shading effects despite the more limited use of color.

The Blue Ridge Mountains poster graphic design shows rough textured line art and halftone patterns on this three color spot pantone print. The halftones and illustrations use the paper's negative space to create extra dimension.
Detail illustrations of the tree silhouette illustrations in the foreground of the Blue Ridge Mountain fine art print show halftones and intricate line art work.
The blue ridge mountains poster is silk screen-printed in three spot pantone colors on a textured white paper.
Graphic Designer Russell Shaw illustrated and designed this screen printed poster of the Blue Ridge Mountains for digital lifestyle publication Bearings Guide and it is sold in Citizen Supply in Atlanta Georgia.
Bearings Guide's Blue Ridge Mountains poster print features halftone patterns and silk screen printing on this fine art print by graphic designer and illustrator Russell Shaw.


Client: Bearings

Illustrator: Russell Shaw

Printer: Danger Press (Special Thanks to William Martin and Ed Jewell)

Sold at Citizen Supply in Ponce City Market, Atlanta.