Bearings Platform Redesign

Web Design / Email Design / Illustration

About the Project: Founded in 2008, Bearings marked its fifth year in the autumn of 2013. For this milestone, the founders decided to set course on a new direction for the digital lifestyle periodical.
Previously marketed as "A Southern Lifestyle Guide for Men," Bearings was ready to evolve past its roots in a "rustic" aesthetic and stories of the South. Pushing forward, the new course will cover a broader range of stories and products that speak to a modern, man-of-the-world.
The website, editorial category icons, email campaign, and print shop website were redesigned from the ground up to have a more modern, clean, worldy aesthetic – as well as a much needed evolution in functionality with responsive layouts, a new grid, and fresh typography.

Bearings is Created by: Jeremy Blume, Rob Forrester
Designer, Illustrator: Russell Shaw
Website Developer: Matt Burgess

Website Redesign

The website features a semi-transparent universal header, rollover states for the stories to feature excerpts and a "Read More" function, and ad units that can now be integrated into the rows of stores.

Sample Image (Left)
Featured Photography 

  • "Photographer's Eye" photo provided by Eric Ryan Anderson.
  • "Summer Cocktails" photo by Seven Lamps.
  • "Brother" photo by Andrew Thomas Lee.
  • "A Guide To Cigar Varietals" photo by ProtoplasmaKid.
  • "A Tailored Look" graphic design and illustration by Russell Shaw.
  • "Mason's" photo by Ron Manville.
  • "Staplehouse: A Comeback Story" photo by Andrew Thomas Lee.

The newly-designed, lightbox-effect Subscribe box featuring a cleaner, simpler design with the new brand accent color and type styles.

Single Post Page Layout

Responsive Layout

Sample Images (Above)
Featured Photography Credits:

  • "Re-Imagining The Third Space" photos by Matt Harrington.
  • "Passavant And Lee" photos provided by Passavant and Lee.

Editorial Category Icons

Moving away from the brand's former vintage-style illustrative icons, the new series is designed to be simple and modern. However, in the transition to clean vector icon sets, many brands have already oversaturated the flat image-based icons – so we tried to do something fresh. While still referencing the purpose of the category, the editorial category icons are clean lines and shapes that work more like symbols or abstractions of a concept.

Categories Dropdown Display

Sample Image (Left)
Featured Photography Credit

  • "Upgrade Your Tailgate Cocktails" photo by Ben Rollins.

Sample Images (Right)
Featured Photography Credits

  • "Wildsam Field Guides" product photo provided by Wildsam Field Guides.
  • "Paper Plane" photo by Andrew Thomas Lee.
  • "The Minus Times Collected" photo by Mary Caroline Mann.
  • "The Experience of Vinyl" photo by Russell Shaw
  • "Ernest Alexander" photo provided by Ernest Alexander.
  • "Vital Farms" photo by Jody Horton.

Email Newsletter Redesign

Bearings focuses on its bi-weekly email newsletter delivering enriching stories and distinct products. It was important to design a new layout for the newsletter that reflected the new brand direction and complemented the new website redesign.


Illustrated Infographics

Bearings regularly features illustrated infographics in its email publication and on its website. While some of these infographics are turned into prints for the Bearings Print Shop, others remain as digital features.

Below are a few samples of featured infographics implemented to the website.



2014 The Communicator Awards Silver Award of Distinction in Websites: Visual Appeal.

AIGA Portfolio Gallery Feature