Catalyst 2014: “Change”

Services: Promotions and Marketing Design, Print Design, Packaging

Catalyst Conference 2014 Atlanta Change That Radiates brochure design with a creative diecut and triangle-cut dieline that unfolds to reveal panels of promotional marketing design and conference theme event messaging and graphics.

About the Theme, Change: In 2014, Catalyst Conference approached Matchstic to lead a re-branding effort to refresh not only their image but also to redefine and sharpen their vision. Matchstic's strategists and designers led a successful effort in updated the brand imagery and style, helping identify the attributes of a Catalyst leader for future events to focus on building. For the first event following this re-brand, what attribute better to kick things off with than knowing how to accept and/or deal with change. Catalyst found renewed sense of purpose in knowing that it leads a community of change makers.

About the Design: After the new branding design was completed, Catalyst approached me to build out their promotional materials to introduce the new look to its past attendees through a mailer campaign, and also to help set the new brand assets in motion for the first time in order for their internal designer to have a pattern on which to build. The promotional campaign featured a specialized box which highlighted aspects of the new brand – especially the forward arrow of the Catalyst "C"-shape/hexagon, as well as communicating theme-related ideas surrounding "change" – a letter from the Executive Director about the move, items which reiterated that "change takes work" and sometimes we are in "need of change," and a brochure set that literally changes messaging as it unfolds.



Custom-made corrugate box, designed in the shape of the new logo, with a graphic wrap. A specialized tray insert holds the pieces in place.
The inside of the box's lid features the new forward arrow bracket of the logo as a repeat pattern.

Catalyst Conference  2014 Changemakers group leader box with white hexagon packaging design.
Opening the group leader box reveals a custom tray designed to hold the contents of the letter and promotional marketing collateral designed to promote the conference.
Inside the top lid of the hexagon packaging design is a graphic pattern made out of the logo that wallpapers the surface.
Packaging design for the Catalyst Conference 2014 group leader box kits and direct mailers inspired by the shape of the logo design.
Tray insert that holds in the marketing collateral in the packaging design of the group leader box kit mailer.

Promotional Collateral

A welcome letter was variable printed on sheets of linen blend paper to address each "leader" the kit was mailed to by name.

Underneath the letter, a cotton drawstring bag with imprinted with "Change takes work" houses custom wrist- and head-bands. Also, a cassette tape sits in the tray; the tape features a special message from the Catalyst team.

Underneath these objects, a stack of custom brochures detail more information about the event and theme.

Marketing collateral inside the direct mail box kit has custom screen printed drawstring cotton linen bag that holds custom logo sweatbands, a tape cassette, and the brochure.
Catalyst Conference 2014 event theme Change branded marketing collateral to promote the event with a letter from the executive director, a tape cassette, a custom drawstring linen cotton screen printed bag, and a unique diecut brochure.
Catalyst Conference 2014 cassette tape with a custom designed label that reads If you can play this, it's probably time for a change.
Stunner shades, mustache, and headband illustration that reads Change takes work on a custom screen printed linen cotton drawstring bag for Catalyst Conference 2014.
Custom headbands and wristband sweatbands with the Catalyst logo for the conference event theme promotion.


The brochure features a special dieline that further highlights the new branding "forward arrow" shape to indicate unfolding change and progress. The brochure is an enclosed piece that begins by unfolding a triangle-cut from a cut in the front. As each panel unfolds, the word "change" that begins the unfold process sits next to different words and phrases to complete a different statement for each panel.

Cover design of the Catalyst Conference 2014 A Community of Change Makers marketing and promotional brochure.
The creative and unique brochure design had a long triangle diecut with a dieline notch in the cover so that it unfolds along a long pennant diagonal shape.
Catalyst Conference 2014 Atlanta Change That Radiates brochure design with a creative diecut and triangle-cut dieline that unfolds to reveal panels of promotional marketing design and conference theme event messaging and graphics.
Catalyst Conference 2014 theme promotional marketing brochure unfolds along a long diagonal triangle shape to reveal messages such as Change is Coming, we are a community of change makers.
A community of change makers, the Catalyst Conference 2014 in Atlanta event promotional brochure.
Unfolding the creative and unique diecut brochure reveals panels of all different sizes.
Design of the event brochure reveals the speaker lineup and pricing and registration information on the inside of the last panels.
The back of the catalyst conference 2014 changemakers brochure when fully assembled reads "You're invited to change."
Back design of the Catalyst Conference group leader box kits that served as direct mailers inviting influencers to the event.
The back of the Catalyst Conference Atlanta 2014 box promotion's packaging design reads You're invited to change.


Client: Catalyst Conference

Executive Director: Tyler Reagin

Marketing Directors: Sally Sumrall, Lindsay van Zyl, Brooke Wright

Branding Design, Creative Direction: Matchstic

Copywriters: Jason Haynes, Matchstic

Designers: Russell Shaw, Garrison Smith

Production Partners: Peachtree Packaging, Data Supplies Inc., Uline (Special Thanks: Jon Muyres, Ed Davis, Doug Gattis)