Of Good Courage

Catalyst Conference 2017 Branding

Services: Visual Brand Identity, Logo Design, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Marketing and Promotions Design

Catalyst C logo masked in smoke and plexus connection lines over an event photo for the Of Good Courage theme

In 2017, Catalyst Conference’s theme focused leaders on recognizing and unleashing the courage that is already instilled within.

Client: Catalyst Leader LLC

Executive Director: Tyler Reagin

Marketing Director: Lindsay van Zyl

Copywriters: Jason Haynes, Lindsay van Zyl, Grace Livingston

Art Director, Illustrator: Russell Shaw

Designer: Corinne Kutz

Photographers: Photos at events: Garrett Lobaugh, Kayla Johnson, Ryan Longnecker, Alan Maxcy. Product images: Corinne Kutz


Group leader boxes help generates leads for the next event. We create a box on the theme creating excitement + explanation of what's to come.