“Create” – An Arts Curriculum for Children

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Create, an arts curriculum for kids, featuring 18 devotionals and hands-on lessons in visual arts, photography and comic books for students ages eight to fourteen. The cover design of the book features colorful painted paint blobs and shapes.

About "Create, An Arts Curriculum for Future Leaders": The curriculum aims to teach children ages eight to fourteen about Visual Arts, Photography, and Comic Book making (Illustration). Each section contains six practical and instructional lessons; each lesson also introduces the students to famous artists whose work is relevant to the topic at hand. The curriculum takes the perspective of creativity being an attribute with roots in divine nature -- that if our world was made by a creator, and we are in the image of that creator, then we should learn to create as well.

About the Design: The overall direction for the curriculum's design and key art followed a bright and vibrant color scheme, clean and airy layouts with object lesson photos and illustrations being in limbo (to highlight the art created), plenty of hand-drawn pieces done in a simplistic fashion so as to encourage the students, and the theme of a continuing line that runs through the elements of the book to abstractly demonstrate the continual, unfolding process of creation.


Print Design

The book opens with a series of spreads visually depicting the traditional story of creation. All of the spreads were done by hand - containing hand-illustrated components, in white, overlaying vibrant and colorful pieces of digital art that were custom creations using digital oil painting techniques.

Create arts curriculum story of creation, in the beginning, editorial graphic design for the book.
In the beginning, God created, editorial spread with colorful paint explosion illustration for the creation story in Create an arts curriculum for kids.
Full color illustrated digital art for Creation day one and day two spread in the Create arts curriculum book, that God made light, land, sky and sea.
Creation story illustrations for the arts book series, day three shows God created plants and vegetation.
Day four of the creation story artwork full color stars and outer space illustration for lights in the sky in the arts curriculum book.
creation story day five spread design
creation story day six spread design
creation story day seven god rested design

The book then moves into the first of the three sections for students: Visual Arts. Shown below is the section header design, as well as the first lesson of the book (the design and layout of which all the subsequent lessons follow, but with their own custom imagery).

Section divider in the arts curriculum for the visual arts chapter in Create, lesson plans for art projects for kids.

For the first lesson, this key art of papercraft flowers falling down and blending with natural flowers visualizes the nature of progression - the progression of the pieces that we create, as well as our own progression as artists as we grow in our craft.

Paper craft papercut handmade flowers and petals falling down the page around beauty is god's handwriting emerson quote for the opening chapter header and editorial spread graphic design of the arts curriculum book for kids.
Art curriculum book project on sketching for children in Create an arts education program for kids. Editorial design of the publication.
Georgia O'Keefe profile and biography with pen and ink sketched portrait of the artist.

Every lesson in the book concludes with a short biography on a famous artist whose work relates to the topic of the chapter. A custom pen and ink illustration was done for all of the artists featured to grab their attention and encourage them to learn about those who have come before them.

Pen and ink illustrated hand drawn portraits of famous artists Georgia O'Keefe, Andre Kertesz, Jack Kirby, Charles Schulz, Marc Chagall, Robert Frank, Ub Iwerks, Frida Kahlo, Ansel Adams, Al Plastino, Robert Rauschenberg, Georges Remi, W. Eugene Smith, Ann Nocenti, Vincent Van Gogh, Dorothea Lange, Romare Bearden and Harold Doc Edgerton.
Jack Kirby artist portrait in a hand drawn pen and ink illustration accompanying the profile and biography in the comic book chapter of the kids' art curriculum book.

The section header designs for the second and third chapters: Photography, and Comic Book (illustration).

Photography section chapter and section divider of the arts curriculum book for kids.

Photography section chapter and section divider of the arts curriculum book for kids.

Editorial design of the section divide for the Comic Book and illustration chapter of the children's arts curriculum book Create for future leaders.
Full spread advertisement in the arts curriculum to visit the website.

Video Interviews

Interview shorts were produced for each of the three sections of the book to allow an interactive component in which kids could go online and hear artists share their stories and passions for what they do.

Interviews by: Jeff Shinabarger

Director/DP/Editor/Illustrator: Russell Shaw
Motion Designer: Jonathan Bostic
Special Thanks: Gisele Nelson



The Creative Team:
Creative Director: Jeff Shinabarger
Art Director, Designer, Illustrator: Russell Shaw
Copywriters: Leslie Slade & Lesley Carter
Project Manager: Gisele Nelson
Comic Book Artist: B. Robert Bell
AYP Project Managers: Richard Franklin & Rick Ross
Web Developer: Chris Covington

Amos Arts Academy Leadership:
Lauren Amos
David Plyler
Larry Teem
Richard Franklin
B. Robert Bell
Millie Turner

Our Research Team:
Wesleyan School
Dr. John H. Peed
B. Robert Bell
Betsy Canas-Garmon
Chris Cohoon
Jeannie Ross
Joanna DeWolf
Lauren Warren
Manel Selfridge
Mart Martin
Michelle Clark Jenkins
Jeff Angelo
Rebecca Peed
Richard Franklin
Shane Grammer
Shelly Franklin
Witt Teem

Special Thanks:
Geinene Carson
Steve Penley
Jeremy Cowart
Sergio Cariello
Unree Thompson
Bryson & Susan Leach
Kyle Taubken
Andrew Thomas Lee