Good Measure Wines

Services: Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Packaging

Good Measure Wines bottle neck capsule design and cork design shows the wine glass and ruler icon designed for the branding as well as the GMW initials stamped into the cork.

Good Measure is a new line of wines from Crafted Brands, and a sister brand to Square, Plumb & Level, as the family of brands begins to expand overall.

This new brand is a more casual line, offered at a slightly lower price point than SPL, yet still high quality and for discernible palates.

Good Measure tasked me with building out the new brand identity, packaging and labeling. The logo features a wine glass with the stem as the center tick mark along a ruler – creating a strong, visual emblem for a wine of good measure.

The Good Measure wine glass and ruler icon and logo design with the circular typography is stamped in white over a photo of a vineyard.
The Good Measure wine logo design and the brand identity created by freelancer graphic designer Russell Shaw for Crafted Brands new line of wines.
Navy and cobalt blue are the primary and secondary colors of the brand color palette, with a yellow, red, and pink for the chardonnay, cabernet, and rose labels of the Good Measure Wines family of wines.
Icons designed for the back labels of the wine bottles to suggest food pairings for each wine varietal.

Brand Statement:

Good Measure means going an extra step in addition to what has already been done. In carpentry, this is measuring twice, cutting once. In wine, this is selecting the right vineyards as well as final touches in the winery. It's the measure we use, measured back to you.

Good Measure Wines cabernet sauvignon bottle features the label design and packaging design that visual artist and freelance designer Russell Shaw created for the Crafted Brands team.

The label has a subtle, soft linen textured paper with a raised, embossed logo finished with a UV spot gloss on the letters and icon in the center.

Close up detail of the Good Measure Wines label reveals the linen paper texture and the embossed and spot UV applied to the logo and branding in the center of the packaging.
The top wine capsule design on the neck of the Good Measure Wines bottle has a GMW initials stamped on the top and the icon and logo design on the side of the silver wrapper.
A bottle of Good Measure Wines cabernet sauvignon is tilted to pour the red wine into a glass.
Good Measure Wines Cabernet Sauvignon red wine from Columbia Valley Washington opened with glass of red wine and cork on the ground beside it. Label design, visual design, and brand identity by Russell Shaw for Crafted Brands.
Back label design of the Good Measure Wines cabernet sauvignon red wine packaging shows the brand story, tasting notes, and icons indicating what the wine pairs best with. Graphic design by Russell Shaw for Crafted Brands.
Wine label design and brand identity for Good Measure Wines 2017 chardonnay white wine bottle packaging.
Open bottle of Good Measure Chardonnay white wine with glass and GMW branded cork beside it.
Brand design of GMW cork and Good Measure Wines icon and logo design on the silver capsule wrapping the neck of the wine bottle.


Client: Crafted Brands: “Boutique Wines, Small Batch Spirits”

Art Director, Designer, Illustrator: Russell Shaw