“‘We need more true mystery in our lives, Hem,’ he once said to me. ‘The completely unambitious writer and the really good unpublished poem are the things we lack most at this time. There is, of course, the problem of sustenance.’”

— Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

An Education

Four years ago, I experienced a moment that is rare to most people: the chance to hang out with my idol.


Your Brand Is More Than A Logo

Your logo is the container other people fill over time.

Creativity and Wonder

There is a bit of magic to the process of making an idea.

Six Key Points for Effective Branding

The work of brand design is not creating a logo – it’s creating a visual voice.



Brands should know how to create materials that are lively, amusing, creative, playful, irreverent or even subversive.

On Meaning

Good design cannot fix bad content.


Delightful design makes design that is worth sharing.



Or "Why I Tend To Think My Work Is Crap Over Time."

Where Does Style Fit Into Design?

A better understanding is needed about the difference between design and decoration.

The Call to Stubbornness

“Relentless and unshakeable.”
A Guest Post by Kyle Taubken


Designing a Gap

Powerful design creates an inner-dialogue in the viewer.

Collaboration and Conversation

When we involve others, we force ourselves to really work through our ideas more clearly.

Good Design is Invisible

It is simple. It is subtle. It is obvious yet somehow still ingenious.



The idea, the work, the time, the energy, and the skill should show through in everything that we make.

Creative Block

Sometimes creativity possesses us. Sometimes it’s hard work that takes just showing up again and again.