More Or Less

Choosing A Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity
By Jeff Shinabarger

Services: Logo Design, Book Cover Design, Branded Content Video Series and Book Trailer


About the Book: In More Or Less, Jeff invites readers to create their own social experiments to answer the question "What is enough?" while sharing practical stories and numerous actionable ideas that can be implemented into our lives today. Learn to make small changes now that will change others forever. Generosity is a chance to experience freedom in a world obsessed with gaining more. More Or Less is available wherever books are sold.

About The Project: An identity mark was created for the book, as well as the parent organization that Jeff leads (Suffered Enough; the logo for the 501c3 was originally designed several years before the release of the book). I also created the cover design for the book, and worked as the director for a series of branded content videos that share stories from the book. These stories were also cut together to form the book's trailers, and all videos were provided to the marketing team to be used as promotional content marketing and as content for the author's speaking engagements.

"More Or Less: Choosing A Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity" is written by Jeff Shinabarger and published by David C Cook
Logo and Cover Designer: Russell Shaw
Publisher's Design Manager: Amy Konyndyk
Publisher's Marketing Team: Alex Field, Nick Lee, Caitlyn Carlson, Karen Athen, Mike Salisbury, and Mike Worley
Video Series:
All video stories adapted from the book written by Jeff Shinabarger.
Book Trailer:
Dir/DP/Editor: Russell Shaw
Starring: Marcus Durham, Liam Ireson, Katie Thompson, Andre Shinabarger, Eryn Erickson, Aaron Fortner, Ann Thurber, Jeff Shinabarger
Featuring: Caitlan Werner, Oliver Thompson, Aaron Szerlip, Gray Clevenger, Katherine Dyer, Mark Knapp, Kyle Taubken, Brian Preston, Nia Thompson
Special Thanks: Seth Godin, Bob Goff, Scott Belsky
Music by: “Deliver Us” by Daniel Bashta. Used with permission.

"Enough Time" Story:
Co-Director/DP/Editor: Russell Shaw
Co-Director: Kyle Taubken
Starring: Liam Ireson
Featuring: Kyle Taubken and Brian Preston
Special Thanks: Brian and April Preston
Music by: David Leonard and Leslie Jordan of All Sons & Daughters. Used with permission.

"Good Enough" Story:
Dir/DP/Editor: Russell Shaw
Starring: Katie Thompson
Featuring: Josh, Nia and Oli Thompson
Music by: Bellarive: "I Know You", musical composition administered by: The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA) License obtained by David C Cook from EMI, License No. 537831 (on file with David C Cook).
"More Than Enough" Story:
Dir/DP/Editor: Russell Shaw
Starring: Marcus Durham as "Clarence" and Jeff Shinabarger as Jeff Shinbarger
Music by: "Begin Again," provided by Micah Dalton. Used with permission.
"Enough Clothing" Story:
Co-Director/DP/Editor: Russell Shaw
Co-Director: Liam Ireson
Interview: Ashley Nienaber
Starring: Ann Thurber
Featuring: Mark Knapp, Aaron Szerlip, Caitlan Werner, Katherine Dyer, Gray Clevenger and Liam Ireson
Special Thanks: The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, GA
Music by: "Aperture" by Sleeping At Last. Used with permission.
"Convenient Enough" Story:
Dir/DP/Editor: Russell Shaw
Starring: Andre Shinabarger
Music by: "Heart Beat" by Johnnyswim. Used with permission.
Shot on a Canon 7D, with Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, on location in Atlanta and Villa Rica, GA.

Video 1: “Enough Time”

After the "Enough Time" story was picked up by viral site Unworthy, it received large numbers of shares and views. At the time of this writing, the video story has been viewed almost 50,000 times.



Video 2: “Good Enough”


Three additional video stories were also shot and produced. The full More Or Less Stories series is available to watch on David C Cook's YouTube Channel.

Stills from Other Stories


Book Trailer

"How much is enough? In this important and engaging new book, Jeff makes it clear that when it comes to generosity, connection and community, too much isn't enough."

— Seth Godin, author of The Icarus Deception


"It's a gully washer of love, creativity, and engagement that a parched world desperately needs."

— Bob Goff, author of Love Does


"In a society that values abundance, Jeff prompts essential questions that make us aware of what we lose as we gain. Jeff's stories and insights teach us that living a rich life is less about what we own and more about what we do and how we connect with those around us."

— Scott Belsky, founder of Behance and author of Making Ideas Happen


2014 Silver ADDY (Atlanta Advertising Club). Digital Advertising Campaign, Branded Video Content.

2014 The Communicator Awards Silver Award of Distinction in Branded Content: Promotional/Branding.

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Featured in the 2014 Regional Design Annual of PRINT Magazine

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"If Your Default Answer to 'How Are You?' Is 'Busy,' This Video Might Be For You" (Upworthy)

"Video Debut: Enough Time" (Bearings)