Neenah Paper’s Future Classic

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Design

Neenah Paper "future classic" marketing campaign showcases seven emerging designers across the nation. For Atlanta, DesignArmy chose Russell Shaw to represent the city by creating an illustrated guide to food mapped across seven neighborhoods, one for each day of the week.

Russell Shaw's Atlanta on 30,000 Calories: An illustrated food guide and neighborhood tour for a week in the Big Peach.

About Future ClassicNeenah Paper partnered with Design Army to create the Future Classic promotion – a printed book aimed at honoring the remarkable relationship between destination and design. Neenah and Design Army sought out the next class of great design cities, and the innovators who are making their marks there. They selected six up-and-coming cities and seven emerging designers.

About The Project: As the emerging designer chosen to represent Atlanta and the Southeast, I created an illustrated food and drink guide to my city. Food is a rallying point for a region. Certain flavors and ways of cooking develop and become specific to certain areas. Over time, they become markers of people from a similar area. I think this is very true of the South; we've developed a rich culture around Southern foods — from shrimp and grits, collards and down-home barbecue to New American-style high-end burgers and bourbon-based cocktails. Plus, I believe there is something special that happens when you sit down around a table to a meal with others. Atlanta has developed its own unique twist on Southern cooking, and I'm always glad when I get to sit around a table with friends in this city.
The illustrated food guide was done in my loose, pen-and-ink style of drawing which I felt represented the folk-arty imperfection and quality of our Southern-gothic yet modern vibe. It was produced on an eight-page flyout that works as an insert that is removable from the spread of the book.

neenah paper classic future cover
Classic Meet Future, Neenah Paper Classic Future marketing campaign by DesignArym, features six up and coming cities and seven emerging designers. Russell Shaw was chosen as the graphic artist to represent Atlanta.
Atlanta on 30,000 calories illustrated map of food and restaurants in the city created by Russell Shaw for Neenah Paper Classic Future. The cover paper is CLASSIC Laid Cover Recycled 100 Bright White 80C.
Atlanta food map brochure fanned open shows the cover and a city guide to eating in each neighborhood for every day of the week.
neenah classic future atlanta midtown detail
Midtown Atlanta illustrated food map features Fat Matt's Rib Shack, Yumbii, South City Kitchen, Piedmont Park, Empire State South, Proof and Provision, and the Varsity. Printed on CLASSIC Laid Cover Silverstone 80C.
Illustrated food guide to East Atlanta Village features Ann's Snack Bar ghetto burger, h. harper station, argosy, joie's coffee, holy taco, and zesto. CLASSIC Laid Text Whitestone 75T
detail of east atlanta village illustrated food map
detail of west side atlanta illustrated food map
Westside Atlanta map illustration of restaurants and places to eat featuring JCT Kitchen, Silver Skillet, The Optimist, Delia's, Bocado, and Octane Coffee. Hand drawn two color spot print by Russell Shaw for Neenah Paper printed on NEW CLASSIC CREST Text Solar White 100T, Eggshell.
Hand drawn and hand lettering illustration work of a map of food and restaurants in Atlanta's buckhead neighborhood features the Buttermilk kitchen, st. cecilia, cafe jonah and the magical attic, seven lamps, king and duke, holeman and finch, and r. thomas. Printed on Neenah Paper CLASSIC Laid Cover Silverstone 80C.
neenah classic future buckhead map detail
neenah classic future buckhead map r thomas restaurant
Hand drawing and hand lettering on an illustrated map of Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta mapping the restaurants DBA Barbecue, Alon's bakery, cacao chocolate, paolo's gelato, the majestic, sweet auburn and the king of pops. Printed on Neenah Paper CLASSIC Laid Text Whitestone 75T.
neenah atlanta virginia highland food map detail
Neenah Classic Future campaign Atlanta food map illustration for Little Five Points neighborhood features restaurants such as the Vortex burger bar, Gato Bizco, the Porter, Radial Cafe, Wrecking Bar, Fox Bros BBQ, and the spotted trotter. Printed on NEW CLASSIC CREST Text Solar White 100T.
neenah little five points illustrated food map detail
Illustrated pen and ink drawings with one spot pop color of Decatur city food guide features the restaurants Taqueria del Sol, Dancing Goats Coffee, Leon's, Brick Store, Cakes and Ale, and Kimball House. Printed on Neenah Paper CLASSIC Laid Cover Silverstone 80C.
detail of decatur food map illustration


Creative Director: Design Army

Editorial Director: Holly Thomas

Art Director: Sucha Becky

Client: Neenah Paper

Emerging Designers: Emily Brown (Portland), Faun Chapin and Meg Paradise (Oakland), Jay Fleck (Chicago), Sarah Jacoby (Philadelphia), Kate Zaremba (Washington), Russell Shaw (Atlanta).

Read more about the book on Neenah's blog, Against The Grain. Or, read more detailed interviews on PRINT Magazine's post about the project. See the process shots each artist posted on Instagram at #CLASSICNEENAH. To get your very own copy of Future Classic, contact your local merchant or Neenah sales representative.