New York Magazine, Summer Wine Pairings

Services: Illustration

Hand drawn illustration of five wine bottles with each one’s label showing a different summer activity.

Illustrations for New York Magazine’s article with Sweetbitter’s Stephanie Danler on five wines that pair well with your favorite summer activities.

I worked with the New York staff to create the artwork for this article, “The Right Wine for 5 Summer Activities: Make better choices, at least when it comes to wine,” written by Stephanie Danler, ahead of the Season 2 premiere of the Starz adapation of her book, Sweetbitter.

The artwork has a rough, hand-drawn illustration and lettering quality that pairs well with the messy, charcoal lettering of the book and show’s title. It also uses a single pop of color — the book and the show’s warm, peachy color — to carry through all of the illustrations. Each illustration shows the scene that the article is referencing (a picnic in the park, for example, for a sparkling wine), and features an elegant hand-lettered and classically detailed wine label with that activity — almost like each summer activity becomes the wine label itself.

Thank you to the entire New York Magazine team for working on this project!

Website mockup of the New York Magazine article for Starz’ Sweetbitter with Stephanie Danler on 5 Summer Wine pairings.


A Bonfire on the Beach pairs with Rioja

Illustration of four people on a beach drinking wine. around a bonfire at night with a lighthouse in the background.


A Picnic in the Park pairs with Sparkling Wine

Illustration of three people and a dog on a picnic blanket in the park enjoying wine in the summer.

Working with such a limited color palette can be a lot of fun when you create patterns like stripes and plaids out of just one color.



A Pool Day pairs with Rosé

Illustration of a woman in a large straw hat and swimsuit sipping wine in front of the city skyline.


Concept Sketches

Other concept sketches for the New York Magazine summer wine pairings editorial artwork.

Thank you!


Art Director: Jon Varriano, Kristina DiMatteo

Illustrator: Russell Shaw