Serenbe Foods

Services: Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Product Design

A honey comb leans against a spilled over jar of natural honey. Brand identity, graphic design, illustration and art direction for Serenbe Foods line of jams and consumer packaged goods. 

About the Project: Serenbe Foods evolved out of the culinary history and agricultural roots of Serenbe – a community south of Atlanta where people live, work, learn, and play in celebration of life’s beauty and in connection with nature. Serenbe Foods believes in friends, family, farmers, and good food created by good people with pure ingredients and intentions. Having served as consulting art director for the overall Serenbe brand for a year, I was delighted when they approached me to design the brand and packaging for this new venture of jams, jellies, and pickled goods.

About the Design: Serenbe Foods is an outgrowth of the Serenbe brand, so the logo created uses the basic Serenbe wordmark, plus "foods" in italics from the same family in order to keep a cohesive architecture that holds on to Serenbe's brand equity. Each product has its own color palette based on the contents of the jar, as well as a unique, hand-drawn illustration on the front label – drawings of honey flowers, hot peppers, blueberries, and more. The front label slightly wraps the side, so that the brand and product name are front and center on a shelf. The back label is smaller, and features ingredients and a product description. A separate sticker wraps from the top of the jar's lid to the front, indicating freshness when unbroken, while also allowing the branding to be visible when viewed from above in a case, and featuring the "Natural" message that lets consumers know these products are full of only good things.

Bread and Buttered Pickles, all natural, packaging and brand design for Serenbe Foods labels and consumer goods.
Carrots lay behind jar of pickled carrots and ginger, featuring the label design and brand identity and logo for Serenbe Foods line of jams and consumer packaged goods. 
Red Onions lay behind jar of red onion jam, all natural and organic, for Serenbe Foods brand identity and label packaging design.
Jar of hot pepper all natural jelly, with label and packaging designed for Serenbe Foods new brand identity, by graphic designer and illustrator Russell Shaw.
Serenbe Foods blueberry all natural jelly jar and packaging design, logo design and brand identity.
Bread and cheese on a slate board with wine, spilled jar of Serenbe Foods hot pepper all natural jelly, label design and brand identity by Russell Shaw.
Up close detail of Serenbe Foods label design and illustrations for Hot Pepper Jelly.
Up close detail of Serenbe Foods label design and illustrations for Hot Pepper Jelly, top of lid, with wraparound all natural jelly sticker.
A bowl of peaches sit behind a jar of Serenbe Foods all natural Peach Butter jam, showing the label and brand identity packaging design.
Man with knife cuts carrots and pickles in the background, with natural jelly and jam jars of Serenbe Foods in the foreground, designed by Russell Shaw.
serenbe foods natural jams jelly jar label designs, pyramid
serenbe foods natural jams jelly jar label designs
serenbe foods natural jams jelly jar label designs, stacked


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Client: Serenbe

Art Director, Designer: Russell Shaw

Copywriter: Serenbe

Illustrators: Russell Shaw, and Unknown (an illustrator hired for Serenbe prior to my involvement)

Product Photographer: All product photography by Jessica Ashley (J Ashley Photography) and is copyright of Serenbe Foods, except where noted otherwise.

Printer: Smyth