Slack 2017 Advertising Campaign

National and Geo-Targeted Integrated Marketing for Slack's “Where Work Happens” Second Half of 2017 Campaign

Services: Illustration, Graphic Design, Advertising, Print Design, Out Of Home Design, Direct Mail, Packaging Design, Editorial Illustration

Slack Where Work Happens 2017 Advertising campaign illustration by Russell Shaw

Slack launched an integrated marketing campaign for the second half of 2017 to bring it’s "Where Work Happens" message to national and international audiences. We also targeted hyper-local audiences through city-specific advertising, as well as career vertical-specific ads with custom artwork and copywriting focused on engineering, creative, sales, and entrepreneurial roles.

The goal of the overall campaign was to drive top-line awareness with advertorials, podcasts, print ads and Out Of Home advertising. My role was to design all of the creative for the campaign, making it cohesive yet unique for each market.

My approach for the creative was to illustrate scenes where work, as a concept, was a destination itself – larger than life, a world where all of these collaborative interactions can take place within. 

I built an illustration library where each of these individual pieces could be pulled and placed together to create new scenes. The library featured artwork that could be general for national ads, or become specific to the cities that they would appear in (a giant guitar as part of the Nashville skyline, or ski slopes for Salt Lake City) as well as artwork that would be specific to the specific industries we were targeting (swatch books for creative, and quarterly reports for sales teams, for example).

This was an extremely collaborative project with the stakeholders in marketing as well as our production agencies who helped make all of the placements and applications happen!

Slack Where work happens nashville billboard design with custom illustrations specific to the city.

Out Of Home and Print Advertising

The city-specific advertising focused on Nashville, Salt Lake City, and Berlin as test markets for the campaign. We ran a mixture of Out Of Home media in each market featuring both “Where Work Happens” ads as well as “Where ____ Happens” ads customized to each market. In Nashville: billboards, wallscapes, bus shelters, and exterior bus ads. In SLC: billboards, exterior bus ads, and exterior light rail ads. And in Berlin: columns, posters, and metro stations. 

This drove an estimated 76M OOH impressions in Nashville; an estimated 64M OOH impressions in SLC; and an estimated 128M OOH impressions in Berlin.

The result was a boost in unaided awareness of ↑23% for SLC, ↑19% for Nashville, and ↑63% for Berlin, and a boost in searches of ↑1% for SLC, ↑3% for Nashville, and ↑4% for Berlin.

Slack Where Work happens Salt Lake City billboard with custom illustrations specific to the city.
Slack's Where ready for QA happens billboard with messaging and artwork that targeted software developers and engineers.
Samples of vertical out of home advertising for Slack where work happens, where build:passing happens, and German translated ads.
Slack's Einfach zusammenarbeiten German translation of vertical out of home advertising with artwork customized for Berlin markets.
A nashville billboard for Slack featuring artwork specific to the city as well as specific to the creative industry with the message where polishing the pitch deck happens.
slack national magazine ads

National print advertising (shown above) as well as city-specific, full-page ads in local business and news periodicals (shown below: Nashville newspaper advertisement, as well as one of the French newspaper advertisements).

nashville slack newspaper advertisement
french newspaper slack advertisement


We also published eight print advertorials – each with its own unique editorial illustration in the same campaign style, accompanying a full-page brand ad – on topics relevant to knowledge workers and potential Slack customers.

Shown below are the editorial illustrations and layout designs for INC Magazine, FastCompany, WIRED, Delta Sky Magazine, and Nashville Post.

INC Magazine editorial illustration and layout design of 8 ways to avoid misunderstandings, communcate better, and get more done at work as an advertorial for slack in the magazine.
Editorial Illustration for INC Magazine slack ad
Slack advertorial WIRED magazine
Slack advertorial Delta Sky Magazine
Slack advertorial Nashville Post


We ran campaign ads specific to each local market across Google and Pandora (in conjunction with audio podcast advertisements) as well as a social media takeover of our Facebook and Twitter accounts featuring the campaign artwork.

slack where work happens facebook mockup

"Customer Love" Box Kits

Another tactic that we launched was a series of "love box" mailers to customers and prospective customers in our targeted cities of Nashville, Berlin, and Salt Lake City.

I designed a custom shipping container with campaign illustrations wrapping the exterior of the box. Inside of the box, there was a custom folder containing case studies from other customer companies; stickers, postcards, and a coffee mug with illustrations specific to the recipient's city; a pair of Slack socks, as well as a pack of very nice tea and cookies "from your friends at Slack."

Slack customer love direct mail box - closed
back of box.jpg
open here.jpg
inside box.jpg
slack mug in a box with custom tape
slack please and thank you open here tape roll
slack nashville coffee mug
slack nashville coffee mug
city cards.jpg
card stack.jpg
front and back of slack customer love post card
Slack customer love box postcards
Slack Nashville Salt Lake City and Berlin sticker badges
slack very nice tea
slack really quite good cookies
Custom designed and branded kraft paper folder for Slack holds case studies from customer companies.
detail of Slack case studies folder