The Common Cure

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Hand painted textured plus sign and common cure stamp over a photograph of burgers.

A Friendly Neighborhood Joint.

After partnering together on the branding for Oakblue Kitchen, when restaurant owner John Ko approached me about adding another venture to this new family of restaurants, I leapt at the chance. We worked together to craft a brand identity for The Common Cure – a neighborhood-centric casual bar and grill, located in a building that used to be a pharmacy in generations past, just off of Augusta Road in Greenville, SC.

top down photo of beer
common cure greenville hot wing
Logo design and restaurant brand identity for The Common Cure bar and grill in Greenville South Carolina by graphic artist Russell Shaw.
Historical moodboard and inspiration for The Common Cure restaurant branding in Greenville South Carolina.

The location for the restaurant was full of history, once housing Campbell's Pharmacy, a soda fountain and counter-service shop. The branding – from the name, The Common Cure, the messaging, "Over The Counter Remedies," the illustrated pestle and mortar – would pay homage to the venue's roots, while expanding and becoming something unique and new as well.

(Above: historical moodboard and inspiration)

Brand specimen logo design and identity illustrations and elements for the Common Cure restaurant.
Exterior wall sign for the restaurant shows the logo in white and gold on a black circular sign, painted white brick with a painted green stripe, designed by Russell Shaw.

Photo (above) from

The Common Cure hat design as part of the brand identity collateral. Green front, white back, trucker hat with emroidered logo.
Burger, salad leaf, beer, and sandwich illustrations by hand, drawn for The Common Cure restaurant identity.
Common Cure hot wings
Common Cure front of building sign

Photos (above) courtesy of Eleanor Rogers of The Upstate Foodie

Common Cure burger and menu design

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Up close detail of menu design for the common cure bar and grill branding identity.
Up close detail of coasters design, "Over the Counter Remedies," for the Common Cure restaurant brand identity, with a pharmacy mortar and pestel illustrations behind in green.
Business Card design for the Common Cure restaurant, part of the brand identity created by graphic artist Russell Shaw.
Front of shirt and apparel design for the common cure, with the logo across the chest, heathered textured green shirt, on man in hoodie.
Back of shirt and apparel design for the common cure, with Over the Counter Remedies and the hand painted plus sign on the back behind the neck, on a female.


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Client: The Common Cure, Greenville SC

Owner: John Ko

Art Director, Designer, Illustrator: Russell Shaw