Until The Dust Settles Film Poster

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When asked by Director Alexander Gangi and Producer Kristen Hall to concept and design a poster for their SCAD MFA thesis film, "Until The Dust Settles," I jumped at the chance to create a hand-drawn piece that celebrated the old-style, early-20th century, Americana ephemera of the Dust Bowl period in which the film is set. The poster focuses on the car, filled with the three main characters, driving from New York across the plains, shown to soon be overcome by the dust storm – a pivotal moment in the short story. The palette uses tans and browns and deep earthy greens to emulate the color grade of the film. The finished product still shows some broader expressionistic brush strokes as well as the pen-and-ink line art in the detail to give the poster a feel of vintage advertising pitch artwork, as well as a more human touch.

Poster Artwork
Illustration and Graphic Design: Russell Shaw

Late Night Early Morning Films
Cast: Liam Ireson, Charlie Ribbens, Will Swisher, Miranda Robbins, Alan Kachur, Julie Kessler, Julianna Stasio, and Bernie Ask
Music: Matthew Collins
Costume Designer: Morgan Miller
Production Designer: Kara Colvin
Assistant Director: Kyle Taubken
Director of Photography: Crynma Jang
Supervising Sound Editor: Mike Patterson
Editor: Cory Carpenter
Visual Efects: Ziye Liu
Executive Producers: Jayne Eastman and Bill Gangi
Producer: Kristen Hall
Writers: Alexander Gangi and Kristen Hall
Director: Alexander Gangi



2013 HOW Design Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Merit Winner

2013 American Graphic Design Award (GDUSA, New York)

Pantone Canvas Gallery Feature

In Print

HOW Design's Promotion Annual (HOW Magazine, September 2013 Issue)

GDUSA‘s 2013 American Graphic Design Awards Annual (GDUSA, December 2013).