Russell Shaw

Art Direction

Weaving creative work into a cohesive, multidisciplinary project — when it’s delivered across a variety of media and coming from a distributed range of artists and makers from all sorts of industries and backgrounds — doesn’t just happen organically. It takes forethought, intentionality, and vision.



A magazine from Slack that explores how the modern workplace is evolving.

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Slack Brand Design, 2017-2018

A collection of a few of my favorite design, photography, animation, and illustration projects that I created in 2017 and 2018 for Slack.

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Film Box

A tactile and experiential marketing kit designed for Film Box, a photo development lab in Nashville, to send out to professional photographers and celebrate the beauty and process of film photography.

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Dixon Rye, eCommerce Web Design

Designing and building an online presence to offer Dixon Rye's heritage-quality goods to an expanded audience, yet still in a digital environment that reflects the experience of the brick-and-mortar brand.

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Art direction projects for ShootProof, a startup in Atlanta that provides client photo galleries and sales tools to photographers, including the company’s first brand guidelines, video and print advertising, and marketing website designs.

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Catalyst: Of Good Courage

In 2017, Catalyst Conference’s theme focused leaders on recognizing and unleashing the courage that is already instilled within.

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The Illumination Project

An experiential small group series designed for participants to gather and discuss what healthy relationships look like for modern, young adults — replete with lots of Portland flair.

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Catalyst: Awaken The Wonder

In 2015, Catalyst Conference’s theme focused on creativity as a core attribute of what makes a leader through its theme, “Awake the Wonder.”

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Create, An Arts Curriculum for Future Leaders

An arts curriculum aimed at teaching children, ages eight to fourteen, about Visual Arts, Photography, and Comic Book-making with six practical and instructional lessons for each section through an inspiring and interactive book and artist interview video series.

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