Russell Shaw


The medium is the message.

Communication does not happen in a vacuum. When we see or hear information, we don't process it purely at face value. That information will be inevitably affected by the sensory experiences and cultural contexts surrounding it. Good design seeks to be aware of all of those experiences and contexts, and deliver a message that is enhanced through them in order to make it connect with more clarity, memorability, and empathy.


Dixon Rye, eCommerce Web Design

Designing and building an online presence to offer Dixon Rye's heritage-quality goods to an expanded audience, yet still in a digital environment that reflects the experience of the brick-and-mortar brand.

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Kid President

The YouTube sensation brings his message of hope, and how kids can change the world, in this New York Times Best-Selling book.

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Slack Brand Design, 2017-2018

A collection of a few of my favorite design, photography, animation, and illustration projects that I created in 2017 and 2018 for Slack.

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Create, An Arts Curriculum for Future Leaders

An arts curriculum aimed at teaching children, ages eight to fourteen, about Visual Arts, Photography, and Comic Book-making with six practical and instructional lessons for each section through an inspiring and interactive book and artist interview video series.

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Film Box

A tactile and experiential marketing kit designed for Film Box, a photo development lab in Nashville, to send out to professional photographers and celebrate the beauty and process of film photography.

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Slack “Where Work Happens” 2017 Campaign

Slack launched an integrated marketing campaign in 2017 to bring the “Where Work Happens” message to national and international audiences. Each placement utilized customized artwork and copy to create localized variations of each ad specific to targeted cities and careers.

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A magazine from Slack that explores how the modern workplace is evolving.

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Catalyst: Change Makers

In 2014, Catalyst sought to press reset as a brand – while also asking conference goers to discuss how they accept and deal with change in their own lives.

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Jeep’s Blues by Duke Ellington Poster Design

A poster design for AIGA Atlanta's 2016 Poster Show + Mixtape Collaboration fundraiser, celebrating one of Duke's greatest hits.

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Art direction projects for ShootProof, a startup in Atlanta that provides client photo galleries and sales tools to photographers, including the company’s first brand guidelines, video and print advertising, and marketing website designs.

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AIGA Atlanta Poster Show

Promotional artwork and call for submissions for AIGA Atlanta’s showcase of movie-inspired poster designs, “Poster Show Part II: Art Director’s Cut.”

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An immersive experience gallery and series of interactive installations and exhibits that intrigue and delight.

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