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Illustrated Cities - New York, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Chicago by Russell Shaw

Hand drawn and hand lettered illustrated maps of New York City, Atlanta, Boston, New Orleans, Minneapolis and Chicago created by freelance artist and designer Russell Shaw. Each map features rough pen and ink line work with one pop of color. City guides and maps also feature historical and cultural fun facts of each city. Part of an ongoing series.

Illustrated Cities

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Editorial Illustration, Design

Hand-drawn, pen-and-ink, black and white with one spot color illustrated city maps and guides to New Orleans, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Boston and Chicago by freelance graphic designer and illustrator Russell Shaw.

Hand-drawn, hand-lettered, original illustrated maps and guides to cities and their neighborhoods – from New Orleans to Boston, Atlanta to Chicago, and Minneapolis to New York City.

Over several years, I've researched and developed a series of city maps with historical and cultural guides to communities across the nation. This has been a fascinating project to work on: seeing a city not through the lens of a traditional wayfinding –or even necessarily geographically helpful – system but one that maps the community based on the people and places that make it distinct and memorable.

Each map features rough, pen-and-ink line work with a single pop of one spot color. While each functions as a distinct unit (please click to view the full project!), I am proud of how they also operate as a full set: an expanding, artful atlas that I'm continuing to build.


Neenah Presents New Orleans

For the 2015 AIGA Design Conference: An illustrated neighborhood guide of the Big Easy.

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Design

New Orleans with Neenah Maps
New Orleans with Neenah Cover Detail
New Orleans with Neenah neighborhood maps

neenah paper atlanta map timeline illustration

Neenah Presents Atlanta

For the 2016 HOW Design Live Conference: An illustrated history of the Empire State of the South.

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Design

neenah  atlanta illustrated timeline detail

Neenah Presents Chicago

For the 2017 HOW Design Live Conference: An illustrated guide to the Windy City.

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Design

neenah paper chicago map illustration

neenah+presents+minneapolis,+feature+image (1).jpeg

Neenah Presents Minneapolis

For the 2017 AIGA Design Conference: An illustrated guide to the land of ten thousand lakes.

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Design


Neenah Presents Boston

For the 2018 HOW Design Live Conference: An illustrated guide to the Hub of the Universe.

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Design

composite 01.jpg
how design live boston illustrated map cover
neenah presents boston map illustration detail
neenah boston beantown hand lettering

village voice new york city map guide illustration

The Village Voice NYC Neighborhood Maps

For the Village Voice's "Five Boroughs, No Waiting" – an illustrated guide to five neighborhoods in New York City.

Services: Editorial Illustration, Graphic Design


Neenah Future Classics: Atlanta Featured Designer Russell Shaw's "Atlanta on 30,000 Calories"

An illustrated food guide and neighborhood tour for a week in the Big Peach.

Services: Illustration, Hand-Lettering

neenah+future+classic+atlanta+food+map+illustration 2.jpg