Skylight Farm

Services: Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design


About Skylight Farm: Skylight Farm at Skip’s Garden is a biodiverse, organic vegetable farm located just outside of Atlanta. Everything produced at Skylight Farm is of the highest quality and Certified Naturally Grown.
About the Design: The brand identity was inspired by vintage farm labels and features original hand-drawn illustrations of vegetables and farm equipment. All of the print collateral is on 100% recyclable seeded paper, so that each customer who receives a card or a note from the farm is able to further Skylight’s work by replanting the paper and growing their own garden.
Whether you are a good food aficionado, passionate about caring for the environment, or simply excited about supporting local businesses, Skylight Farm grows for you.

Creative Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design: Russell Shaw
Copywriting: Brittany Price


100% Recyclable, Seeded Paper

You can plant it!

Keep the Farm Growing: The print collateral uses 100% recyclable papers that are peppered with seeds and entirely plantable. From the passing of a business card to the receiving of a Thank You note, each customer is able to actively participate in the re-telling of the brand’s story by planting the paper.


The business card design allows for any of the vegetable wood block stamps to be applied to the corner and create a diversity of card designs.


Original Drawings



2013 Social Good Design Awards (RGD, Toronto)

In Print

RGD's 2013 Social Good Design Awards (RGD, November 2013)

Nature Graphics (Sendpoints Publishing Co, Ltd. 2014)

Online Press and Recognition

So Good Case Study: Creative identity project spreads organic brand story to urban audiences (RGD)

Skylight Farm on Connecting Crops with Culture (Eberly & Collard PR)