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Lamon Luther

Lamon Luther

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Preserving the legacy of the rugged gentleman, forging a brand that builds hope for the craftsman.
(Top Photo by Russell Shaw)


About Lamon Luther: Born at the start of the Great Depression, Lamon Luther, the man, was a mechanic, carpenter, and farmer. A maker in every sense of the word, he used his calloused hands to create works of art as well as provide for his family.

Lamon Luther, the brand, is a tribute to his memory and all that he stood for – art, craftsmanship, and hope for a better future. The creations made by the team utilize reclaimed materials that would otherwise have been destroyed, offering a second story to the life of the wood. The company employs skilled craftsmen who were forced into homelessness during the recent recession, giving them an opportunity for a new life. With laborers rebuilding their lives through every product made of repurposed materials, the workshop of Lamon Luther is an environment that exemplifies restoration in every way.

Art Director, Sr. Designer: Russell Shaw
Jr. Designer: Jeremy Barnes
Illustrators: Russell Shaw, Jeremy Barnes
Photographers: Micah Bearden, Russell Shaw
Copywriters: Brian Preston, Russell Shaw


About the Design: The signature is the perfect symobl of the hand-crafted quality behind each of the company's product lines. Also created was an icon of two crossed adz (signifying the time-honored method of creation that the company employs) on top of a saw-like structure – serving as a unique stamp or "brand mark" pressed into the wood of the products. The icon and signature often come arranged in a lockup with the company's central motif, "Hope For The Craftsmen," to drive home the notion that Lamon Luther is more than just a design-build organization – it is a team of formerly homeless workers now on their way toward restored lives.

Above photos by Micah Bearden


The Story


“We build hope by bringing back the process of making.”

Above photo by Russell Shaw



2013 HOW Design Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Merit Winner

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